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Jubilee, released on May 17th, 2024, is my most personal album to date.  It’s a song cycle that chronicles my lifelong struggle with depression and anxiety, which reached a dangerous crescendo during the pandemic years. 

This collection of songs was originally commissioned by the FreshGrass Foundation as a through-composed performance piece for debut at their May 2023 Bentonville, Ark., festival. 

Through the generosity of FreshGrass, my band and I, along with my producer Stephen Mougin and engineer Dave Sinko, traveled to North Adams, Mass., where we recorded the album live and all together in the same room in a day and a half.  

I wrote all the songs and instrumentals, with the exception of the title track.  

I co-wrote the song “Jubilee” with Grammy award winner Aoife O’Donovan just before the world shutdown in 2020.  It’s a wistful longing for physical, emotional and spiritual rest.  Aoife joined me for harmony vocals. 

My incredibly talented band helped me arrange all the music on Jubilee, which really gave us a chance to shine and push past the Bluegrass boundaries. 

Above all else, I pray this music brings hope and healing to folks who are experiencing mental health struggles; I want them to know they are not alone.

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– Jubilee –

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