Weekly Lessons

$140 per month for 4 half hour lessons
$210 per month for 4 45 minute lessons
$280 per month for 4 one hour lessons

Weekly Lessons

$140 per month for 4 half hour lessons
$210 per month for 4 45 minute lessons
$280 per month for 4 one hour lessons

Lessons A La Carte

​$40 per half hour lesson
$60 per 45 minute lesson
$80 per hour lesson

Teaching Philosophy

My dearest desire as a teacher and coach is to help my students enjoy music to the fullest; to be able to play, sing and write with confidence; to let go of misconceptions about their learning capacity and potential.

In order to provide students with the highest level of instruction, I spend the majority of my time immersed in the world of music and learning. In between lessons, I’m usually studying technique, reading books about learning styles, musical philosophy, and mastery. I’m continually striving to find the best way to explain things and new, practical and useful resources to benefit my students.

The ideal student exhibits the same passion to learn as I do, and feels connected to me as a teacher. Students are expected to listen and follow instructions during their lessons and are asked to maintain focus to the best of their ability. In return, they will receive the highest level instruction regardless of prior experience, skill, or their perceived level of “talent”. – Becky Buller

Becky’s Availability

Becky teaches on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10 am to 6 pm CST USA

Weekly Lessons

Purchase Weekly Lessons HERE!
Regular instruction from a great teacher, combined with effective practice habits, results in a high level of mastery. If you want to advance as quickly as possible, the Weekly Lessons program is for you.

If you have signed up for Weekly Lessons, your lesson will be at the same time and day every week. Before the beginning of each month you will receive an email outlining how many lesson days are available the next month. You will have the opportunity to schedule 3-5 lessons that month and purchase your lessons online. Weekly Lessons students pay a discounted rate.

Lessons A La Carte

Purchase A La Carte Lessons HERE!

If you are interested in a lesson here and there, that’s ok! Becky tries to leave some openings in her schedule for that purpose. To schedule Lessons A La Carte, purchase your lessons HERE and then EMAIL BECKY for scheduling. Becky’s schedule stays fully booked, so plan to schedule 2-4 weeks in advance.

Payment Policy

If you are a Weekly Lessons student payment will be due at the beginning of each month. You are required to pay for a minimum of three lessons each month in order to maintain your reserved lesson time and Weekly Lessons pricing. If you do not pay for your lessons prior to the first lesson of the month, Becky will not be available online for your lesson. The monthly scheduling email from Lessons@BeckyBuller.com will be the only reminder you receive.

If you are a Lessons A La Carte student, payment is due before scheduling each lesson. If, after paying for a lesson, you can’t make any of Becky’s open time slots, your payment will be refunded. Once your lesson is scheduled your payment cannot be refunded. However, you may reschedule your lesson up to 2 times.  Subsequent rescheduling requests will be subject to a $10 rescheduling fee. Lessons A La Carte have an expiration date of one year after date of purchase. Twelve hours’ notice is required to reschedule your lesson.

Cancellation Policy

Becky is a dedicated full-time professional teacher and she spends a great deal of time planning your unique musical experience. When you purchase a lesson you are paying for a time slot in Becky’s schedule. This time slot is reserved for you only, and is not available to other students on Becky’s waiting list who are waiting for a spot on her schedule. Once your time slot is on Becky’s schedule your lesson purchase is final. Like any other final purchase your time slot is yours to use or not use as you please, and your money is wasted if you don’t attend your lesson.

There are different rules for each lesson program. Please review the details of your lesson program below.

Weekly Lessons: There are no refunds or credits for cancelled lessons. If you have to cancel a lesson, please let Becky know as soon as possible. If there happens to be an opening for a make-up lesson, Becky will let you know at that time. Rescheduling is not guaranteed and is only a possibility with at least 12 hours’ notice.

If you happen to not show up, forget, or otherwise not notify Becky of your absence, you are not eligible for a make-up lesson. In the unlikely event that Becky must cancel your lesson, you will be given priority scheduling for a make-up lesson.

Lessons A La Carte: Lessons A La Carte may be rescheduled by up to two times without penalty. Subsequent rescheduling requests will be subject to a $10 rescheduling fee. Lessons A La Carte have an expiration date of one year after date of purchase.


Learning to play an instrument is a major undertaking. The path of mastery is very enjoyable and rewarding if you have a desire to learn and put in the required effort. Consistent and correct practice is key to growth and learning. Everyone can have an off week, but if you don’t practice regularly and correctly as instructed you should not expect to improve on your instrument.

If you have not had time to practice before your lesson, we will not be able to move on to the next step. If this is the situation, please plan to attend your lesson anyway and Becky will be happy to help you practice during your lesson time. Just like any other habit, the more you practice the more it becomes part of your daily routine. Stick with it and you will become the musician you have always wanted to be!

Audio and Video Recordings

Audio or video recording your lessons is recommended. You may record the entire lesson and Becky will make sure to record the most important parts for you.

Most recordings are easily completed during your lesson, whether in person or online. If you need recordings or transcriptions outside of your lesson please EMAIL BECKY or ask during your lesson. Becky will make all recordings during your lesson time unless you request otherwise and choose to pay extra for the time involved.

All recordings are for your educational use only. Do not post them or otherwise disseminate them without permission.

Lesson Materials

Please purchase any necessary materials as soon as possible. Materials may include picks, rosin, new strings, shoulder rests, recordings, books, etc. Becky will not recommend anything that is not necessary. Fiddlers: it is recommended you change your strings every six months. Have your fiddle bow re-haired once a year.

Technical Difficulties

Technical difficulties happen and you won’t miss your lesson due to failings of your internet service provider or an unexpected computer crash if you’ve taken the proper steps to prepare.

​You are eligible for a make-up lesson due to technical difficulties if you have taken the following actions:

  • You turned your device fully off and back on again ten minutes before your lesson. (Restart sooner if your device takes a while to be ready to use.)
  • You restarted your internet router twenty minutes before your lesson time. To restart your router: Unplug the power cable, wait thirty seconds, and plug the cable back in. Most routers take 5-15 minutes before they are up and running again.
  • You have updated your Skype program in the past month.

If you don’t know how to complete the above actions, please email Lessons@BeckyBuller.com.


Make-up lessons are offered as a courtesy and are not guaranteed. If make-up lessons are required frequently due to low internet speeds at your location you will be asked to upgrade your internet speed. Recommended speed is at least 20Mbps (download speed) and 3Mbps (upload speed).  If faster internet is not available at your location and connectivity problems persist some lessons may be finished verbally over the phone at Becky’s discretion.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to review my Lesson Policy. With proper structure, music lessons are rewarding, inspiring, and really fun. I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you in a positive, stress-free environment at my studio in Manchester, TN, or online. We will get you in shape to pick with the best and learn faster than ever before. One by one we will break down the barriers to learning. It’s time to become the musician you’ve always wanted to be! – Becky Buller

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